Breweries of the Bay Area

Alameda Island Brewing Co.


Alameda Brewing Island Co. was founded by Matthew Fox & Bill Phua, located in the Coast Guard since 1998-2000. Matt turned his love of brewing into a career, finding Bill who shares the same passion of brewing, they formed a partnership that has withstand the test of time. Now everyone can enjoy their distinct brews Mondays thru Sundays from 12:00 NN - 11:00 PM.  

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Faction Brewing


A combination experience of more than 20 years in brewing and managing a bar, Rodger Davis and his wife Claudia Pamparana started this brewery that caters to beer lovers and the likes. They opened Faction Brewery in September 2013 and since then people can try 20+ taps of craft beer on Wednesdays to Sundays from 12:00 NN - 8:00 PM    

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Fieldwork Brewing Co.


Whether one is craving for 32oz or 64oz Growlers or Crowlers, this is the place to be. In the late 2016 Fieldwork started limited-release can program in Berkeley, CA with their honest beer-making and exceptional love and focus in brewing beers.  If you are out and looking for fun or an out-of-towner or just out of the office for lunch, Fieldwork Brewing Co is available for anyone to enjoy FIELDWORK taprooms. Serving different locations, such as: Berkeley, Monterey, Napa, Sacramento, San Mateo and San Ramon.

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Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.


In the 60s, Ken Grossman started his passion for brewing with the thought of just brewing his own drink. With his love and passion for American hops, he changed the world of beer, Years later he's still at it and the passions is even brighter than before. Until the idea of opening up a small-scale brewery came about and coining the name Sierra Nevada, where the small brewery was nearly located.  

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The Growler Pub


Whether a local or an out-of-towner looking for a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch or dinner and wants a pint of a perfectly crafted beer to go with your order, The Growler Pub in Danville is the place you are looking for. A 24-Hour restaurant conveniently located just off the Iron Horse trail. This pub has a 20 rotating taps where everyone can enjoy their famous crafted beers.     

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Caps & Taps


Caps&Taps  is operated and founded by brothers, Brian & Greg Lewis. The brothers made sure that the Caps&Taps also has a relaxed and feel-at-home service. Whatever occasion you might have, whether a special one or just wanting to unwind with friends. Caps&Taps is the place to be.  

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Dublin Vine


People who usually looks to relax  after going to the supermarket or wants to cool down before going home, or grab a bite before going to their daily schedule stops and drops by Dublin Vine. Since Dublin Vine is a wine tasting & tap room in one, they offer 3 wines and 12 beers on tap, plus 50 wine by the glass and most of them are Tri Valley wines. Indoor bar area can accommodate 64 guests and the outside space can hold 100 guests.

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Three Sheets Beer Bar


Located in Dublin, California and established by two craft beer nerds they share and bonded with the same passion for crafting beer. The partnership sparked at Bay Area breweries and honed through extensive travels to try local craft beers from all across the country.

Three Sheets are offering 38 taps, that offers a wide variety of unique craft beer from our Bay Area backyard and across America. 

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Altamont Beer Works


Home brewers Greg  Robles and Stephen Sartori launched their hobby into a business venture in 2012, both just wanted to create something local and contribute an original brew to the ever growing varieties of beer. The 20-barrel brew house produces five core beers, seven specialty beers and three seasonal releases. Everyone is invited to sample their brews at their Altamont tasting room, Tuesdays to  to Sundays. 

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Beer Baron


Entering Beer Baron, one will immediately notice a unifying theme: craft. With a wide variety of local and nano brewery produced beer, eclectic varieties of cocktails and the elevated pub food that would satisfy any gastropub goer. 

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Eight Bridges Brewing Co.


Eight Bridges was built and founded by Justin (Brewmaster), George (President), Debbie (Mom). The trio's resume: having more than 7 years of designing and brewing award winning beer plus more than 3 decades of business experience and operational expertise, and a Mom who runs and manages the Tasting room and events, Eight Bridges has been serving the community and families who come and visit Livermore, since 2014.     

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First Street Alehouse


The Alehouse wants to be your home away from home. You may walk in not knowing anyone but rest assured you will walk out with new friends. The whole company fosters a strong sense of community and social atmosphere with a touch of familiarity like of a home. If you will look closer to the surroundings, there will be subtle hints of a family, even the family tricycle is hanging from the rafters.  Head down to the Alehouse and find out why the locals say it is "the heartbeat of Downtown Livermore".  

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Sauced BBQ & Spirits


Initially just wanted to bring authentic BBQ to Norther Cali. The cousins Barrett & Brenden, decided to push things and drinks  to their menu by researching the art of cocktail. In creating SAUCED, they really brought the South in Northern California. When one comes in to this awesome BBQ place, that person will walk out with a memorable experience and a full stomach. 

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TAP 25


Couples, Tim and Carrie, are "outdoorsy" people and both hands-on business owners. When they opened the Tap 25  in Livermore, they realized having a tap room and a place live in one place sealed the deal. Although it won't serve hard liquor, only beer, TAP 25 serve a variety of sort of foods. This Cali beer bar calls itself a "refreshing, intimate and upscale tavern", serving rotating selections of craft beer

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Working Man Brewing Co.


Two companies brewed into one. Both companies were founded by award-winning  home brewers who have a passion in bringing high quality and well crafted beer. The brewers spent years working to perfect great beer recipes. Their main goal is to make a beer they could all be proud to share and proud to drink.  As they say in the brewery, "we never let a beer go out the door that we don;t believe in".   

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